Marin County Superior Court

About eDelivery

What is eDelivery?

  • eDelivery provides for the electronic (PDF) version of the document as the original
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    What are the goals?

    • Support court and court user transition to electronic filing of documents and use of electronic records as the official court record.
    • Provide a method for electronic submission to reduce the number of individuals who must come to the courthouse to file papers.
    • Convenience: This new service will allow parties to prepare and submit their documents from their homes/business and at any time. Additionally, this new service is expected to improve convenience for parties that will still need to physically come to the court with shorter lines and quicker service turn-around.
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    What types of documents can I upload?

    • Documents submitted through eDelivery must be submitted in PDF (Portable Document Format) and text-searchable format, and viewable on any standard PDF Viewer. For more information on how to make your documents text-searchable, see this page.
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    How does it work?

    • Electronic (PDF) versions of documents will be submitted by the filing party through a web portal
    • Emails regarding the status of your document will be sent to the email address provided. The first will confirm receipt of your document, and subsequent emails will notify you if the document was accepted or rejected.
    • Documents will be returned via the eDelivery web portal
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    What is a "bookmark" on a document?

    • A bookmark is a PDF document navigational tool that allows the reader to quickly locate and navigate to a designated point of interest within a document. Any documents that equal or exceed 15 pages and/or contain multiple exhibits/sections must be bookmarked. Bookmark titles should match the corresponding section/exhibit.
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    How will I know that the court has received my document? How will I know when it has been accepted and filed or rejected by the court?

    • Upon receiving electronic document(s), a “Notice of Receipt of Documents” will be sent to the email address provided by the user.
    • This notice will confirm that the Court has received the document(s).
    • Provided the information supplied is complete and the fees paid are correct, the document(s) will be accepted by the Court and will be filed with as if it had been filed in person or through the mail.
    • Upon the acceptance of the document, an email notifying the submitting party of such, along with an electronic conformed copy, will be sent.
    • A notifying email will also be sent if the document is rejected.
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    How can I check the status of my document?

    To check the status of your document, please visit the eDelivery web portal, login and then click on “My Previous Filings.” Click on the “Filing Search” box, enter the corresponding case information and click “Search.” Along with other information, the web portal will display the status of the document. Back to top

    When is my document considered received?

    Documents submitted during normal business hours will be considered received as of the date of submission. Documents submitted after business hours will be considered received as of the next court day. Documents will be file-endorsed as of the date of receipt or judicial signature. Back to top

    What type of filings are not accepted?

    Documents cannot be filed through eDelivery if any of the following are true:

    • Peremptory Challenges or Challenges for Cause of a Judicial Officer pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure sections 170.6 or 170.3
    • Bonds/Undertaking documents
    • Any Ex Parte applications
    • Any order with an original judicial officer’s signature
    • Out-of-State Commission
    • Abstract of Judgment
    • Writ of Execution
    • Documents submitted conditionally under seal
    • Certificate of Facts Re Unsatisfied Judgment
    • Family Law Request for Entry of Default and the Notice of Entry of Judgment
    • Letters of Administration
    • Affidavit Re Real Property of Small Value (Probate) and,
    • Any paper document ordered by the court to be filed in the clerk’s office.
    • Minor’s Compromise
    • Riese Petition
    • Any and all documents relating to restraining order matters, including Applications/Requests for Restraining Orders, Proposed Temporary Restraining Orders and Notice of Hearings (i.e. Domestic Violence, Civil Harassment, Elder Abuse, etc.)
    • Writ of Habeas Corpus
    • Will, Codicil, or Testamentary Trust
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    Does Marin Superior Court require courtesy copies?

    Only electronically filed motions that exceed 50 pages require a courtesy copy, and proof of electronic submission, be printed and provided to the court the same day it was electronically submitted. Back to top

    Do I still need to make required redactions?

    Yes. Parties and their attorneys are still required to redact documents pursuant to California Rule of Court 1.20 as if they are filing the documents in person. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of sanctions pursuant to California Rule of Court 2.30(b). Back to top

    How long will it be before my document is processed?

    Processing times will vary. While, as with documents filed in person, it is the goal of Marin Superior Court to process documents submitted through eDelivery the same day or following day, the court makes no guarantee related to processing times. Back to top

    What happens if the court rejects my document? Will the court file it as of the original submission date if I resubmit it and the court accepts it?

    If the court rejects a document, eDelivery will send a notifying email to the email address on file. Once you resubmit the document and the court accepts it, the court will file the document as of the business day that you resubmitted the accepted document. Back to top

    How can I access conformed copies of my documents?

    After your submission has been reviewed and if it is accepted, then you may access conformed document¬s from the eDelivery website under the “my previous filings” section. Note: For documents requiring a Judicial Officer signature, Court staff will print the received and unsigned order and forward it to the courtroom for determination by the judicial officer. Please check the case summary at Marin Superior Court Case Inquiry for entries regarding your submission. After the judicial officer rules on the document and court staff processes it, you can obtain a copy from the clerk’s office. The document will be considered filed as of the date of the judicial officer’s signature. The court will not return a conformed copy of the document with the judge’s signature and any changes via email. Back to top

    How much does it cost?

    • Applicable motion filing fee and/or first paper fee pursuant to the Marin Superior Court fee schedule
    • $4.95 convenience fee paid to Journal Technologies (the third party vendor)
    • 2.75% of the filing and/or first paper fee paid to Journal Technologies.
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    What are payment profiles?

    • A payment profile allows you to securely store your credit card information on industry leading Authorize.Net servers.
    • Once a profile is created, every transaction on eDelivery using your credit card will be processed without ever requiring you to type in card information.
    • Creating a payment profile also means eDelivery never has to store, process or transmit your credit card data.
    • Attorney Service Companies and Law Firms may setup a single payment profile allowing their members to use "company cards" rather than requiring each member to create their own profile.
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    My client is a government agency; do I still need to pay these fees?

    eDelivery accepts filings from exempt government agencies (pursuant to Govt. Code §6103) for filing fees only. Back to top

    How can I participate?

    Attorney Service Companies
    Attorney service companies wishing to take part in the project can contact or call (833) 402-9333 Option 3.

    Law Firms and Self-Represented Parties
    Law firms wishing to participate in the project can register online by creating an account without contacting Journal Technologies.

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    How do I get help?

    Contact Journal Technologies with any issues that you may have via email or phone: or call (833) 402-9333 Option 3.

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    Is fax filing still available?

    Yes, fax filing is still available.

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    Can I still file my document at the filing window?

    Yes. Marin Superior Court will still accept paper documents for filing at the filing window or via U.S. mail. The implementation of eDelivery does not supersede any statutes, rules, and/or policies and procedures related to the filing of documents in person or via mail. Back to top

    What is the eDelivery refund policy?

    A credit card refund can be requested by emailing Please be sure to include your name, court location, case number, date of transaction, transaction amount and last four digits of the credit card number in the request. Once a refund request has been initiated, the court will be contacted to verify the payment information. If the refund is approved by the court the refund will be processed, the case will be returned to the proper case status and payment reversed. Refunds will be sent to the card-issuing bank within five business days of receipt of the refund request. Please contact the card-issuing bank directly with questions about when the credit will be posted to your account. Back to top

    Through using eDelivery, am I agreeing to receive eService from the Court

    Yes, you are consenting to receive filed documents back from the Court through eService when you use eDelivery. Please see Local Rule 10.27 for more information. Back to top

    Will the Court electronically serve other parties for me?

    No. The Court will not serve other parties on behalf of another party. Back to top
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